tricky trade without chart

posted by ManishRock on Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:32 pm


techinical is mother of volitility and trading is base of techinical with different combinations. here i am sharing one tricky tradeading way which is nor need of chart knoladge or no need of depth of tecnical knoladge which is simply reading of market ,.but it is always use with stoop loss which is manditory.

range of this way is very small but effective .

1) as after open market in first 30 minute market are satle with there own way with different reason so waite and don't try to do trading on that time .

2) after first 30 minute note down market ,open high low and cmp(current market prise)

3) keep eye on minimum difference of current rate  with high  and low 

4)this difference is base for taking position of  clear your mind set  for open your trade .

5) wait till market/stock  come near to high or low ..

6) when it come very near open your trade with same side  and keep sl immediatly  with difference of 50% of far side

plase squre order bellow or above equal difference of your generate point left before broke high or low.

exampe = 

posted by chakradhar on Sun May 28, 2017 05:05 pm


Manish bhai share some examples for this trick. what is the success rate.

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