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NiftyPundit.com is a community of Indian traders and investors. We help each other to learn technical analysis, develop trading systems, sharpen our trading skills and find good trades. Our community is a closed group and entry is strictly based on invitation. Search for your friends in social network who are part of our elite community and ask them to invite you.



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I am so obliged to be a part of Nifty Pundit group, thanks all.

- navaldeep
Good site for new comers to learn technicals. For positional investors good scrip ideas and much more to learn from here. KUDOS to all the analysts/members who give their valuable ideas for return of nothing. Keep up the good work.

- engulu
Very good site for learning technicals. Very useful site for all.

- ssv
Thanks to NiftyPundit for providing such a good platform where they encourage people to learn technicals while simultaneously providing all helps for the same. By keeping cool and sincere atmosphere in chat room they giving opportunity to interact with many experts of different analytical methods. Thanks and Best Wishes.

- rahi
Thanks to NiftyPundit Community. NP is the most essential site for every new trader, lots of stuff to learn here on Technical Analysis. It is a new and innovative step from these people towards a successful trader journey. I suggest this site to one and all who are into trading. Everyone here are very helpful and kind. I am getting a lot of benefit from this site.

- shekarr
A nice platform to share views and learn a lot from others. Thanks NP for providing this platform

- maarish
Very good forum. All seniors are great.

- pssolanki
The goal here is not to try to predict the future or even to know what is going to happen next. No one knows that!. It is not necessary to know what is going to happen in 5 days. What is necessary is to determine how much risk and profit potential is available in the next 5 days. Probability is the name of the game. Risk control is of tantamount importance. Winners think in terms of how much they can lose. Losers focus on how much they can win. "Take care of your losses and the profits will take care of themselves." This is motto of NP, Enjoy learning.

- sunilrai
Learn and Earn, Be your own advisor is the motto of this site. Purpose of earning is complimentary with free lessons of learning :)

- Mohit
Thanks to all seniors for their hard effort for making such a wonderful site, where people learn as well as earn money. Awesome place with Awesome people.

- guptak

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